Crespine Gel – for easing the joints!

Crespine Gel is a single injection product for the prevention-, and symptomatic therapy -of ostheoarthritis with the aim of regenerating joint functions and for encouraging the health of the joints (cartilages) and to maintain this in the long-term.

Treatment with Crespine Gel aims to support the maintenance of the existing cartilage. The preservation of the natural joint function can be improved. This effect is obtained by regenerating the mechanical function of the joint fluids (viscoelasticity). Due to the high degree of product stability in Crespine Gel (gel implant) a treatment can be sufficient to obtain a healthy effect for up to 9 months at a time. Some patients experience an even longer lasting effect.

An overview of 6 reasons for using Crespine Gel:

  • The gel implant provides long-term painlessness in the joints due to its high degree of product stability.
  • The treatment for the patient is efficient and therefore time-saving as it only involves one single injection.
  • Crespine Gel provides protective hyaluronic acid to the joint and initiates an improved lubrication of the cartilage.
  • The hyaluronic acid in Crespine Gel is of biofermantation origin and therefore very well tolerated.
  • Patients are able to be active and participate in life for a longer period of time with their natural bodily joint.
  • Crespine Gel is injected directly into the joint and thus spares stress in the digestive system.


Of course, a treatment with Crespine Gel means a direct injection into the joint. Medical clarification by your physician in advance is a necessity. Only an experienced medical practitioner can assess the influencing factors to make sure the patient can experience a successful treatment. This ensures, that Crespine Gel is only injected where there is no inflammation. The ideal initial factor for a successful treatment with Crespine Gel is the recognition of osteoarthitis in its early stages.

Osteoarthritis-caused joint pain can be relieved with just one injection

Crespine Gel obtains its full effectivity after just one injection and this means a higher degree of security for the patient and a time-saving factor.

The high degree of cross-linking of the hyaluronic acid in Crespine Gel is coordinated to produce a rapid initial effectivity as well as long-lasting relief. The hyaluronic acid gel is inserted as a gel implant into the joint-line and protects the existent cartilage.

The tolerability of Crespine Gel

Crespine Gel is based on biofermented hyaluronic acid and is a well-tolerated medical device, because of its high degree of purity. Around 120,000 treatments worldwide have been carried out up to 31 October 2015 with Crespine Gel.

Regular treatment with Crespine Gel (dependent on the osteoarthritis condition: once each year or half-yearly):

  • relieves pain in the joint by lubricating the cartilage
  • improves the mobility of the joint and
  • regenerates the naturally existent cartilage
  • patients can benefit from a longer time period of pain relief with their original natural joint

Joint pain should be medically examined

A prerequisite for successful treatment is a medical examination by an experienced medical practitioner. Only professional advice can ensure a successful treatment in your individual case.
In cases of advanced stages of osteoarthritis, the therapeutic effect of Crespine Gel may be of a shorter duration. A repeated application will therefore be necessary earlier in such cases (e.g. at 3 monthly intervals).
We lay stress on the responsible handling of your health condition!
The purpose of this website is to awaken an awareness of a possible option for a healthy maintenance of a natural existent joint. Of course, the treatment means an intervention into the body and the possible success of a therapy needs to be carefully prepared. The sterile workspace of a medical practice is a matter of course and enhances security for the patients.
It should be considered, that a surgery is the logical consequence of untreated osteoarthritis. And, a surgery can also have inherent risks.
The suitability of a treatment and the individual health condition of a patient is of the utmost importance. An experienced medical practitioner can be of assistance in assessing the success probability for the application of Crespine Gel in your inidividual case.
In general, it should be considered, that the earlier the rhealth-maintainance of a defective cartilage with Crespine Gel is attempted, the better the expectancy of success and the enjoyment of a longer painless time period with the original natural joint could be.


 Time-savings by a single injection
Only one injection is required for an entire treatment cycle. The effectivity duration of a CRESPINE GEL injection is usually at least 6 months (in cases of slight or moderate stage of osteoarthritis).


 Shortly after the application the joint comes into a calm condition

CRESPINE GEL is intended for a direct application in the medical practice.

The syringe is pre-filled and immediately usable and the injection takes only for a few minutes.


 Well tolerated by a high degree of purity

The hyaluronic acid in CRESPINE GEL is gained from a biofermentation process and therefore of excellent purity, which is well tolerated by the human body.


 A natural substance prolongs the effectivity of the original natural joint

CRESPINE GEL consists of hyaluronic acid, a substance which naturally occurs in the body and which makes up a considerable proportion of the joint fluids.


 Long-term quiescence in the joint due to stabilized hyaluronic acid

Crespine Gel contains hyaluronic acid of the highest quality, which, by possesses careful and tolerable effects, and is more stable than the hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in the body. Medical experts agree, that this has a much longer effect for the maintenance of cartilage.


 The injection of Crespine Gel focuses directly on the joint and avoids reactions in the digestive system through e.g. the use of drugs.

Crespine Gel is applicated by targeting the joint-line and acts where the cartilage needs assistance.


 Long-term satisfaction with your natural joint treated with Crespine Gel

A regularly treatment of CRESPINE GEL will improve the mobility of the joint and maintains the natural joint function.