Medical practitioners on Crespine Gel

‘As consultant orthopedic surgeon, I have administered Crespine Gel now for over a year on more than 100 selected patients. No complications were experienced regarding the tolerance of the treatment. Most patients suffer from of osteoosteoarthritis of the knee joint. Even third degree osteoosteoarthritis can be treated by administering Crespine Gel to delay a replacement operation for knee joints. Other suitable areas of application for Crespine Gel are rotator cuff ruptures and second degree osteoosteoarthritis in the shoulder joints of elderly patients. The single injection is of great benefit for patients because they need only attend one appointment within one therapy cycle by receiving just one injection alongside the reduced risk of an infection of the joint. In particularly serious cases of osteoarthritis, we need to repeat the injection after 4 months, but the average benefit of the therapy lasted between 8 and 12 months.’
Dr. Wolfgang Schmitt, OTS Clinic, Marbella
‘In the meantime I have treated many patients with Crespine Gel, as well in ankles, knees, hips as  also in the shoulders. For me, it is an extremely exciting product. Crespine Gel appears to have a better long-lasting effect than other hyaluronic acid products as well as cortisone. This means, that the patient needs less treatments and in total spends less.’
Dr. Rafn Lindal Björnsson, NIMI (Norwegian Institute for Sports Medicine)
ʻI started using Crespine Gel when I came to the NIMI in November 2010. Thereafter, I apply many injections under x-ray control, including the treatment of hips. In the shortest possible time, I had treated over 20 hips with Crespine Gel and was surprised at the immediate effect, which the injection had on my patients. have been able to observe significant improvements directly! Indeed, I am looking forward to a long-term observation of these patients.’
Dr. Göran Skog, NIMI (Norwegian Institute for Sports Medicine)

Patients on Crespine Gel

Some time ago, knee problems were subject to friends. Almost everyone had a comment on this topic. One person in the group described a hyaluronic acid treatment with Crespine Gel in which only one syringe was necessary in the knee joint. Unfortunately, my right knee (osteoarthritis) was hurting, so that I even could no longer walk with the dog. I remembered the conversations around the Crespine Gel, and as the orthopaedist specialist suggested a hyaluronic treatment, I mentioned Crespine Gel. He did not know the product. I gave him a flyer and he was excited by the product, mainly because just one syringe is needed for the wholte treatment. I was also very enthusiastic. Shortly after the syringe was set, the pain decreased noticeably ...... Stair climbing is mostly possible without pain again. Sometimes I even forget the arthritis in the knee and my dog is delighted ....... I can walk with him again. A big thank you to those who have developed this product !!!
H. Gaese-Steinhauer
‘My grandmother has been suffering from osteoarthritis with accompanying acute joint pain (knees and hips) for years. It was possible to give relief by a variety of medical and alternative treatments; but these were only successful in the short-term and only temporarily. In 2013, I was recommended to try Crespine Gel by an acquaintance and told my grandmother about it. In coordination with her practitioner, we agreed to purchase and try an injection of Crespine Gel as a trial. The results were absolutely convincing. My grandmothers pain became less and less and she turned active again and was in love with life. She explained, that she felt new born. In the following years, we have repeatedly purchased and used Crespine Gel on my grandmother; initially two injections per year and latterly one injection each year. Her medical practitioner observed her healthy development and then recommended the product to others of her patients. We, and my grandmother above all are happy and grateful for Crespine Gel and that we were able to discover it at an early stage.’
Irene Dalquen, Düsseldorf, Germany
ʻI am 70 years old and am suffering from osteoarthritis in both knees. Only six months ago, I had a serious spine surgery, therefore I do not want a knee surgery yet. I was introduced to Crespine Gel in a TV broadcast and discussed it with my medical practitioner. One of my knees was injected and I experienced a significant improvement the next day although the evening after the treatment was painful. I certainly need a second injection as the the degree of osteoarthritis is far advanced. My aim is to also have an injection into the second knee to avoid a surgery for the moment.’
Monika Potratz, Germany
ʻMy mother is 84 and is suffering from advanced osteoarthritis in the right knee joint. She had her initial injection with Crespine Gel in February 2013 and the second one with Crespine Gel Plus one year later. During the first three days after the injections, she had pain and difficulty of standing on her right leg. Later she was able to move around freely without any pain. Crespine Gel was recommend by her medical practitioner; and I am glad, that it has a rapid and long-lasting effect.’
Tonia Herrmann, Germany
ʻAfter months of intolerable pain by day and night in my left hip joint, I am ALMOST free of pain after an injection of CRESPINE GEL PLUS which was injected about 2 weeks ago. I am happy and thankful, that there is this fkind of treatment without any complications and surgery.’
Lotti Kleusch-Ganster, Germany
ʻA friend recommended the product to me. My orthopedic surgeon did the injection. The treatment was brief and painless. Since the treatment with Crespine Gel +, I am able again to engage in sporting activities without any pain –and it is now for several months!’
Bülent U., Germany