Joint pain relief with the gel implant Crespine Gel

In cases of osteoarthritis, the goal is to reduce the pain in the first instance, and at a second stage to undertake further countermeasures to maintain joint function. To use Crespine Gel is therefore the first step to maintain the natural function of the joints as long as possible.

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keep your cartilages healthy and reduce joint pain.

Is osteoarthritis the reason of my joint pain?

It is important to obtain a medical checkup for acute joint pain at an early stage.
To maintain the natural joint function as long as possible, it is also important to countersteer early.
Read on more about acute joint pain and its significance.
Gonarthrosis? When the knee aches. Therapy options.

Time-savings with a single injection

The high degree of product stability of the Crespine Gel leads to a time-saving factor for patients, because the patient only needs to attend one injection appointment for each treatment cycle.

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