Physical exhaustion from stress and pain. What should I do?

We’re stuck, our thoughts always revolve around the same problem. Many of our friends and relatives have the same problem, or at least have no idea how it could get better …

What should we do? It can’t go on like this forever …

Many people report that it is crucial who you surround yourself with and where you are. People tend to surround themselves with “their own kind”. The others then have the same problem, understand how you feel, you are no longer alone with your problems …


-Jim Rohn

 Using the example of successful companies, it can be said: Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with winners and only hire the best people – who are often many times better and more capable than the entrepreneur and employer themselves in their field. For dinner they meet with even more successful entrepreneurs . Why do they do that?

Science says: we become like the 5 people with whom we surround ourselves most in relation to a certain topic.

Do I want to be like the people I surround myself with most? Take the subject of health. Do I want to put the main focus of my life on my pain? Do I surround myself too much with negatively thinking people? How would I feel if I spend time with active and fun-loving people who make me think differently? Would I then perhaps notice ways that would help me to deal with my situation better?

The successful entrepreneur inspires himself every day by even more successful people and is grateful for their presence in his life. He recharges himself with the positive energy of these friends and partners and, through the well-being that he experiences in this situation, comes with better ideas, fresh paths and more hope and motivation for topics that may previously seemed unsolvable to him.

What do you have to lose? Try it. Accept invitations from people whom you want to get out of your “rut”. Let yourself get into the fact that life can also be fun. Problems are often solved much better if we don’t even think about them. Often ways open up that we would never have believed existed.

Allow yourself the positive energy and make sure that you do not get caught in the same patterns over and over again. Focus on the good and go after it.

You might even forget about your pain. Then your body can recover and you have fresh energy to plan the next steps :)!

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