Hip Pain – Coxarthrosis?

Do you have hip pain, maybe even for a long period of time or do you have recurring pain?

Symptoms of hip osteoarthritis often go unnoticed for a long time or are ignored for a long time. First of all, pain in the groin area occurs after heavy exercise. These later become a painful burden even on normal walking distances. Bending down and going down stairs becomes more and more difficult as the disease progresses, until it is painful to sit too.

You should definitely have hip pain clarified by a doctor as early as possible.

The doctor will usually back up a detailed inventory of your situation with an X-ray and then take appropriate measures. If the disease is left untreated, the damage in the joint will usually get worse, up to the artificial hip joint or the stiffening of the joint.

Strengthening the surrounding muscles (by swimming, Nordic walking, yoga, …) can often contribute to improving the condition of the joints. The sporting activity should always be coordinated with a doctor.

Take hip discomfort and pain seriously early on and do something to support your joint.

Your joints are essential to ensure that you can move freely about this world. Listen to the symptoms and what your body is telling you. Get help early on and stay mobile.

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